Spend a Night in a Tipi (Teepee)

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Images provided by and credit to Steve Davis, Susie Thompson and Don McLaughlin.

Do you aspire to spend a night in a tipi?  Would you like to experience the life of an early American Indian?  You could take advantage of this opportunity by attending the White Eagle Multicultural Pow Wow on Friday, and Saturday September 22nd and 23rd for 2017. Each party must include one adult 18 or older and only a limited number of tipis are available.  Reserve yours today by calling 515-262-1314 or by Email.


White Eagle Spirit Tipi

White Eagle Spirit Tipi (24') - $100/night or $150/weekend.

Space for the entire clan (sleeps 15 people comfortably).

Turtle Island Tipi

Turtle Island Tipi (18') - $50/night or $75/weekend.

Perfect for a royal get-a-way (sleeps 6-8).

Sheyenne Inn Tipi

Sheyenne Inn Tipi (18') - $50/night or $75/weekend.

Spiritual setting for sharing (sleeps 6-8).

Days End Tipi

Days End Tipi (18') - $50/night or $75/weekend.

Great relaxation with friends (sleeps 6).

Wolf Moon Tipi

Wolf Moon Tipi (16') - $50/night or $75/weekend.

Wonderful for a small family (sleeps 4).

Bright Butterfly Tipi

Bright Butterfly Tipi (12') - $50/night or $75/weekend.

Cozy couple's retreat (sleeps 2 adults).

Dream Walker Tipi

Dream Walker Tipi (14') - $50/night or $75/weekend.

Ideal for a special outing (sleeps 4).


(Includes breakfast, bon fire & story time with co-founders Ralph & Carol Moisa.

NOTE: Guests are welcome to bring air mattresses, bedding, cots, personal items, etc. Please make yourself comfortable and at home with us at this year's pow wow!